Faculty Development(FD)

Faculty Development(FD)

Introducing Faculty Development(FD) at ICU

At International Christian University, the spirit of Faculty Development has been alive from the very inception of the University six decades ago. ICU educators have long been dedicated to quality teaching and responsible advising. As a liberal arts university, ICU has sought to endow its students with an education that emphasizes critical thinking and independent thought. To provide a suitable environment and stimulating course contents, ICU has pioneered in areas such as fixed advising days and office hours, and a university wide survey to assure effective teaching and learning.

ICU has also been sensitive to the accelerated emphasis on quality assurance that has swept through Japanese higher education from the 1990s. Since the creation of the post of Director of Faculty Development in 1995 and the 2001 establishment of the Faculty Development Committee in 2001, ICU has been active in providing orientations for new faculty as well as open seminars in areas ranging from e-learning to support of special needs students. More recently we have been active in providing writing support for students and ensuring careful and creative deployment of student assistants. Almost all of these activities are administered bilingually and thus add an international dimension to our program.

ICU is recognized in Japan as having a high quality FD program, and in the coming years the office hopes to further provide ICU faculty members with quality assistance and support so they can continue to develop as teachers and scholars and provide an excellent education to ICU students. We seek to build Peer-to-Peer Mentoring among the ICU faculty so that we can learn from each other how to become stronger teachers and scholars. Efforts to build a video archive of effective teaching are also underway.

We also have produced a bilingual FD Newsletter at ICU, and we take great pleasure in making it available on the internet. And, just as we hope to contribute to Faculty Development outside ICU, we look forward to learning about efforts at other institutions in Japan and abroad. We look forward to these reciprocal efforts and, for now, thank you for your interest in our program.

Director of the Office of Faculty Development

FD Newsletter

The FD Newsletter is published twice a year in ICU.

The latest version and back number >>>http://fd-newsletter.info.icu.ac.jp/