5-year Program

Complete B.A. and M.A. in 5 Years
We support your career aspirations!

In order to obtain a master's degree, usually a total of 6 years of learning - 4 years at the undergraduate level and 2 years at the graduate level - are necessary. However, with the 5-year Program, it is possible to obtain both a bachelor's degree and a master's degree in a total of 5 years, 4 years at the undergraduate level and 1 year at the graduate level.

The goal of this program is to cultivate human resources that respond to the demands of modern global society, which stands upon a foundation of full-fledged knowledge, and provide international leadership. Currently, the global society is seeking talented human resources that can create new values in society while viewing knowledge in its entirety and guide the resolution of problems. The master's degree, as proof of this, will likely become necessary in global society hereafter, regardless of area such as research or business. This program takes pride in being able to provide diverse post-graduate options by conferring advanced degrees at an early point on excellent undergraduate students.

With the 5-year Program, ICU undergraduate students start taking graduate level courses in their fourth year. It is possible to aim to write research papers and receive structured and detailed guidance from advisors alongside graduate students. After entering graduate school, students will write a master's thesis while taking graduate level courses and obtain a master's degree in the first year.

Students who enroll in the 5-year Program have their Graduate School Matriculation Fee waived. In addition, if they are selected to receive The Graduate School Scholarships for New Students, their tuition for the first academic term of the first year of graduate school (Tuition and Facilities Fee) is also waived. At the Graduate School, they will be responsible only for tuition for two academic terms (Tuition and Facilities Fee).

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