Distinctive Study Program

ICU Graduate School has established three unique and innovative learning programs (also corresponding to the '5-Year Program') since April, 2019 to develop its liberal arts to further steps. ICU Graduate School aims at nurturing and educating competent and capable personnel who can lead the world in the future. Course certificates will be granted when students achieved designated requirements of each program.

Diplomatic and International Public Service Program

Since its establishment, ICU holds a mission to nurture international citizens contributing to the establishment of lasting peace, and has produced countless UN and international organization staff and diplomats. This program trains students to procure important knowledge, thinking ability and problem solving ability to work as a professional in diplomatic and international organizations.


This program is designed for ICU graduate students who are considering global careers in diplomacy or international organizations (international civil servants) such as in the United Nations system. This program offers a wide selection of exciting courses while also encouraging students to acquire hands-on, practical experience in the form of international internships and participation in seminars

Depending on their interests, students will take a combination of advanced-level interdisciplinary courses related to International Relations and Diplomacy, International Economics and Finance, Peace Studies, and Sustainable Development. The courses stress small group discussions, invite class debates, and assist students in developing the analytical and problem-solving skills which are important to pursue professional global careers. Students will also benefit from opportunities to acquire practical and first-hand experience through participation in international internships in or outside Japan, thought the UN seminar in New York, and through pragmatic skill training workshops.

Our experienced professors, many of whom have worked in or for international organizations, will serve as the program advisors and will provide career guidance.

Please refer to the 'Diplomatic and International Public Service Program' brochure for detailed information.


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Responsible Global Corporate Executives and Financial Professionals Training Program

In these days, the importance of incorporating ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) and SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) into companies' investment and business management methods is recognized with acceleration to accomplish their sustainable growth. This program aims to nurture "responsible" future business leaders (corporate executives) who will successfully interpret those goals to the business managements and finances.


"Responsible" corporate management

"Responsible" here indicates that not just pursuing financial profits but focusing on the accomplishment of coexistence among the stakeholders, environments, and societies surrounding corporations especially in respect of ESG and SDGs. Toward these objectives, it is critical to develop professionals who can govern or create organizational structures which enable to maintain the coexistence. Holding as its mission the establishment of an academic tradition of freedom and reverence as well as the cultivation of internationally minded citizens who make contributions to lasting peace, ICU considers that it is essential to nurture business persons who can implement "responsible" business decisions.

Learn from front-line companies and business persons

This new program is open to the graduate students in ICU (including the 5-year program students) who wish to seek future visions of finance and corporate managements and apply their knowledge to society. The program provides unique courses such as learning management models of companies that are succeeding to gain financial profits as well as contribute to society which seemingly a trade-off at a glance, and inviting lecturers from prominent companies which have successfully incorporated ESG aspects in their business. Students are expected to take the initiative in planning their academic schedule and successfully completing the advanced-level academic requirements in order to deepen their academic and practical knowledge. Please refer to the 'Responsible Global Corporate Executives and Financial Professional Training Program' brochure for details.


This is a brochure for "Responsible Global Corporate Executives and Financial Professionals Training Program."
Detailed information is available.

IB Teacher Certification Program

The International Baccalaureate (IB) is an international educational program hosted by the International Baccalaureate Organization. This program is designed for ICU graduate students (including 5-year students) who are considering teaching International School and IB World School.


Based on cross-cultural and interdisciplinary background, where ICU aims at cultivating promising individuals who make contributions to lasting peace, IB and ICU share the same ideals and goals. ICU has been aspired to build strong academic foundation of critical thinking, high multilingual proficiency and interdisciplinary learning. ICU also has been successfully adopted number of students who completed IB education since 1970s.

The IB curriculum is largely different from the so-called traditional Japanese education (teacher-led, cramming), and develops interdisciplinary, inquiry-based learning. Students will seek out questions themselves and learn in critical thinking and communication with their classmates.

This program is open to ICU graduate students (including 5-year students) who are considering teaching International School and IB World School. Students choose either MYP (Middle Years Programme/equivalent to junior high school in Japan), or DP (Diploma Programme/equivalent to high school in Japan) and fulfill program requirements including teaching practicum at an IB world school. Those who completed the program can apply for the IB Educator Certificate which is issued by the IBO.


This is a brochure for "IB Teacher Certification Program."
Detailed information is available.


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