Global Studies

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Introduction to the Major

Faculty members talk about what you can learn and what makes this major special.

Mission Statement

Global Studies aims to educate responsible, global citizens who can identify significant world issues, examine the structure and related phenomena of global governance using an interdisciplinary approach, and exercise leadership and create partnerships to promote conflict resolution in the global community of the 21st century.

Learning Goals

  1. Students learn to draw connections between global processes and their effects on local communities.
  2. Students develop critical skills to understand the roles played by different entities acting on a global scale: states, corporations, NGOs, international agencies, activists, etc.
  3. Students develop the ability to use interdisciplinary approaches to gain insight on issues such as religion, politics, economics, culture, language, ethnicity and the environment from an academic viewpoint.

Specific Courses

  • In General Education courses, students deepen their understanding of how their studies connect with the real world, before they begin their studies in this major. Courses such as "Political Science", and "Science, Technology and Society" are offered.
  • In Foundation courses, students acquire basic knowledge of the relationships between the different fields of global studies. Courses on global governance, development studies, sociology and anthropology are offered.
  • In Area Major courses, students will deepen their understanding of more specific aspects of global studies, including examination of issues such as peace and security, human rights, climate change and mass migration. Students are also encouraged to study abroad.
  • For the senior thesis, students are expected to examine global issues using a multifaceted approach with the guidance of their academic advisor.
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