Open Campus

We will offer a series of events including lecture demonstrations and campus tour at the Open Campus.
Participants will also have an opportunity to interact with ICU students, faculty and staff to get more
ideas about what it is to be like a student at ICU.


DATE: Saturday, March 18th, 2017

TIME: 10:00-16:00

Open Campus webpage in Japanese:

Open Campusエントリーはこちらから(日本語)(Japanese version only)

For non-Japanese speakers:
Please e-mail to and let us know,

Subject: Open Campus on March 18
(1) Your name
(2) Your school name/affiliation, country
(3) Year (Grade) in school, i.e. Y12, Y10
(4) Number of participants coming with you
(5) Your zip code in mailing address

Schedule of Lecture Demonstrations given in English

'Why Study Philosophy at ICU?'
by Prof. ALBERG, Jeremiah L.
At a University Hall classroom

'Mcdonaldization of Society'
by Prof. KIM, Allen
At a University Hall classroom

Campus Tour led by ICU Students

Starts from the entrance hall of Diffendorfer Memorial Hall West Wing(The tour takes roughly 40 min.)

Liberal Arts Lounge

Opportunities to speak with ICU students and faculty members to learn about current ICU
At the foyer of Diffendorfer Memorial Hall West Wing