Career Support

Because we are small in number, we can see, connect and find the perfect career plan for you.


ICU believes that all self-motivated learning and experience at university contributes to students' careers after graduation. In exploring their career paths potentials, students are offered support from a variety of sources: not only faculty, staff and other members of ICU community, but also senior students who have already decided their paths after graduation, and alumni registered as Career Supporters.

Career Support

Personal Career Advising, Resume Review, and Mock Interview

ICU Placement Office staff, who have rich experience and knowledge in the job search process in Japan, offer services such as individual career advising, resume review, and mock interviews and any other job-hunting-related event preparation. Students can use the services as many times as they need, and we are happy to have a long-term relationship with them for the best career support.

Guidance on Career Planning, Job Search and Industry Knowledge

ICU hosts various seminars and guidance activities to provide students chances to learn about career development and job search throughout the year. Some guidance is for specific demands, for instance, we have a seminar for June graduates, or international students who seek a job in Japan, and Japanese students who return from a study-abroad program. We also have more general seminars such as industry study meetings conducted by ICU alumni, introductions to domestic and foreign higher educational institutions. "100-nin Sodankai", advising session with 100 senior Students who have decided their path after graduation to give counsel and answer questions from students planning their job search or graduate study applications. In an intimate and relaxed atmosphere, senior students offer support to their juniors based on the perspectives and experiences they share as ICU students.

These events are held during lunchtime or after the final class period to ensure that they do not conflict with classes. Events that require longer time, such as Placement Week, are scheduled during vacation seasons.

Placement Week - On-Campus Job Fair

An ICU Placement Week (an on-campus industry research seminar) is held, taking advantage of the fall break (late Nov.-early Dec.). Approximately 100 leading companies from various industries visit the ICU campus to carry out seminars targeting students in all grades. For those students preparing to start their job hunt, it serves as part of their industry/company research, while for freshmen and sophomores, it offers an opportunity to envision their future career path.

Resources for Job Offers, Internships, Personal Contact Information of Alumni

ICU provides resources to get connected with ICU Alumni who can share industry information and their career view with current ICU students. Information of Career Supporters, the group of the Alumni who registered their employment/study situation, and willing to give some advice on their future career choice, will be managed by ICU Placement Office.

For ICU Alumni - Join Career Supporters!

ICU always welcomes alumni who can support the career paths of current students through participation in various events, seminars, and accepting visits from current students. If you are interested in joining the group, please refer here.

Job Offers and Internship Information Provision via Job Board, Website and SNS

We provide information for job offers and internship programs via the website "ICU Career Navi".

We also notify on-campus/off-campus events and other job hunting-related information through ICU Portal Website, SNS, and bulletin boards.

All Event and Guidance List

April 6 Internship Guidance, Job Search Preparation Guidance
April 13 Introduction Foreign-funded Companies
April 20 Career Guidance for Junior Students
April 27 Internship Kick-off Orientation
May 11 Business Manner Lecture
May 28 Study Abroad Program and Job Hunting - How to be successful in both abroad study and job search
June 4 Job Search Guidance for June Graduates
June 8 Guidance session for bilingual students and students returned from study abroad programs
June 27 Job Search Reboot Seminar for 2020 Graduates
September 5 Job Hunting Kick-off Orientation for 2021 Graduates
September 14 Consulting Industry Case Interview Lecture
September 21 Entry Sheet Creation Seminar
September 28 Interview Seminar
October 1 Guidance on Career & Job Hunting in Japan for International Students
October 5 Job Hunting Examinations and Test Lecture
October 6 Introduction to IT Industry
October 12 Guidance on Joining International Organizations
October 27 Introduction to the Consulting Business
October 29 Introduction to Foreign Graduate School
November 2 Guidance for the students who hope to become a teacher
November 3 Introduction to Publishing Industry
November 9 Preparation for ICU Placement Week Attendees
November 21 Practice Test for SPI and General Knowledge Questions
November 26- 30 ICU Placement Week 2018
December 4 Advising Session with 100 Senior Students who have decided their path after graduation
December 8 Career Advising Conference (hosted by ICU Alumni)
December 10 Meeting with the Students with Job Offer from JICA
December 12 Lecture from the Students who will become a Civil Servant / Guidance on Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology
December 13 Nikkei-Telecon Lecture
January 11 Business Manner Lecture
January 18 Introduction to Civil Servant
January 21 Talk Session by ICU Alumni who became a Civil Servant
January 25 Introduction to Government Official Servant
January 31 Job Hunting Kick-off Orientation
February 7 Study Abroad Program and Job Hunting - How to appeal the experience in study abroad programs
February 15 Manufacturing Industry Seminar - How digitalization is changing manufacturers
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