Counseling, Human Rights Consultation and Health Services

Counseling, Human Rights Consultation and Health Services

Counseling Center

When students are troubled about things happening in their lives here at ICU, the Counseling Center is a place to talk with someone about those issues, think together about them, and receive support in finding a solution. It is possible to speak with someone regarding such issues as adapting to life at the university, personal relationships, self-understanding, the path your life is taking, and physical and mental health. The staff at the Counseling Center includes clinical psychologists as well as counselors and psychiatrists with a wealth of experience working with students. While most counseling is private, group counseling and workshops are also available.

Human Rights Consultation

As a university that places importance on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, ICU works to promote a campus where all students, faculty and staff can live and work peacefully and can benefit from an educational, research and work environment free from harassment, sexual, academic or otherwise. The university maintains a system consisting of a Human Rights Committee and Human Rights Advisers in order to conduct counseling and educational activities with regard to human rights.

Student Health Service

The ICU Health Care Office is responsible for the health of students, faculty and staff, as well as for campus environmental health conditions. The Health Care Office consists of the University Physician and nurses. The nurses provide first aid and health consultation every day and twice a week the physician provides health consultation and referral letters. It also organizes student, faculty and staff annual check-ups.

Support for Students with Special Needs

At ICU, the Office of Special Needs Support Services (SNSS) works under the supervision of the Associate Dean of the College of Liberal Arts (in charge of Student Learning) to provide learning support to students with special needs.