Master's course

Master's course

In the Master's course, students delve deeper into their field of study to enhance their research abilities and to acquire the professional skills necessary for their future career.

Master's Course Program and Area of Concentrations


Area of Concentrations

Education and Psychology



Language Education

Public Policy and Social Research

Politics and International Studies

Social and Cultural Analysis

Media and Language

Public Economics

Peace Studies

Comparative Culture

Japanese Culture Studies

Transcultural Studies

Natural Sciences

Mathematics and Information Science

Material Science

Life Science

Requirements for Degrees

Graduate School students generally spend at least two years in their programs. Over the course of their studies at the ICU Graduate School, each student must earn a total of 30 credits. Students must also take a Master's Candidacy Examination, submit a Master's Thesis, successfully complete the Master's Thesis review, and pass a final examination.

Required Course and Units

School-wide interdisciplinary Course

Program Foundation Course

Specialization Course

Research Course


Min. 2 units in 1 subject

Min. 4 units in 2 subjects

Min. 8 units in 4 subjects

Min. 6 units in 3 subjects

Min. 30 units

Min. 6 units in 3 subjects from Program Foundation, Specialization and Research Course

Min. 4 units in 2 subjects from all Graduate School courses

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Procedure of Conferring Master's Degree

Year Term Procedure Remarks
1st year 1st term Matriculation ceremony, Orientation (Academic guidance) Completion of GS required courses
2nd term
3rd term Submission of [Application for Candidacy for the Degree of MA]
2nd year 1st term Approval of Candidacy for the Degree of MA
(Requirements: Residence of one year or more,
Completion of 18 units or more with a GPA* of 3.00 or above.)
Start writing Master's thesis
2nd term Submission of [Report on Outline of Master's Thesis] (Interim report / Interim presentation)
3rd term

Submission of [Application for Submission of Master's thesis]
Submission of [Master's Thesis and summary]
The final examination for Master's Thesis
Completion of required courses with a grade point average of 3.00 or above for all grades received
Conferral of M.A. at the Commencement

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You can view the list of master's thesis of past graduates.

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