Research provides essential support for the education offered at ICU. Faculty members, researchers, and graduate students conduct individual and joint research in the College of Liberal Arts, Graduate School and research institutes. Research-related seminars, lectures and meetings are held on campus, through which undergraduate and graduate students have the opportunity to meet prominent scholars from other universities in Japan or overseas.

Faculty research leave of ICU allows full-time faculty to spend a year for research basically every seven years, during which they can concentrate on their own research in Japan or abroad.

Appropriate Operation and Management of Public Research Funds

In light of the directive from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology titled "Guidelines on Research Institutions' Management and Auditing of Public Grant Monies" (15 February 2007), ICU has established the Committee for the Prevention of Fraudulent and carries out appropriate operation and management of public research funds.

Experiments on Animals

ICU maintains a Committee on the Use of Animals in Experimentation based on the "ICU Regulations on Animal Experimentation." at ICU, experiments using animals are conducted properly under the management of the university president.

Research Ethics Investigations

ICU has a Research Ethics Committee that checks whether research projects make sufficient considerations for the protection of personal information and protection of human rights. The committee's investigations take place before research projects begin and are aimed at researchers at ICU, including graduate students.