An Environmental Policy for ICU

Proposed ICU Environmental Mission Statement

International Christian University (hereafter ICU), a Christian liberal arts institution, declares its commitment to environmental mindfulness and stewardship in all its activities. The care for creation is fundamental to the mission of Christians everywhere. Moreover, as an educational institution, ICU is committed to the cultivation of responsible global citizens and believes that education is the best means to bring about a better and healthier world. The University seeks to integrate environmental awareness and responsibility into the daily life of the institution. Respect and care for the environment, protection of campus biodiversity, and responsible global citizenship are among the fundamental values that guide University-wide planning and decision-making. All faculty, staff, and students who make up the ICU community should be aware of the way their actions affect the local and global environment in which we live.

ICU is endowed with a campus of extraordinarily natural beauty and cultural heritage. This gift can and should be treasured as one of the unique and appealing assets of the institution.

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