English for Liberal Arts Program (ELA)

English for Liberal Arts Program (ELA)

Enhance your ability to think in English


At the same time as it increases students' facility with English, the English for Liberal Arts Program (ELA) also enhances the critical thinking skills of the students, and cultivates the skills necessary to study effectively at ICU. Consequently, this is a very important introductory program to a liberal arts education.

The majority of April entrants study in the ELA intensively during their first year at ICU. Students are placed into Streams 1, 2, 3, or 4 based on their English proficiency. In each Stream, students are divided into small-size classes of approximately 20 students, which are called "sections". Depending on the Stream, students take 4-11 periods of ELA classes every week.

Students read college-level articles on topics such as "Intercultural Communication" and "Bioethics", discuss and present ideas and opinions, and write papers on each topic. Through such academic activities, students learn to be critical, creative and independent thinkers in English. In addition, the intensive English learning environment prepares students to take liberal arts courses in English.