Japanese Language Programs (JLP)

Japanese Language Programs (JLP)

Master Japanese Language and Broaden your World

Studying at ICU will be a thrilling and enriching experience. It will broaden your possibilities and open up the doors for your future.

From its founding days, Japanese Language Programs (JLP) has been providing Japanese language courses to ICU students as part of College of Liberal Arts. There are around 150 students from about 20 different countries enrolled in JLP courses at any one time, including degree-seeking regular 4 year students, one year exchange students, and graduate students. It is an opportunity for both international students and Japanese students to become proficient in Japanese.

JLP aims to facilitate students to gain functional communication competence in Japanese. The goal of JLP is to equip students with proficiency of Japanese language that will enable them to pursue academic studies in ICU. JLP hopes to provide the foundation upon which tudents can fulfill their potentials in current dynamic and diversified world.


Note: Not all courses are offered every term. Please check "List of Courses" for course availabilities.

 Visit the website below for various interesting sites for learning Japanese!
 You are expected to have familiarized yourself with the basic script Hiragana before joining JLP.


COURSE DESCRIPTIONS ( Note: some of the courses may not be offered.)

All students with previous knowledge of Japanese must take the placement test, which is conducted during the university orientation program. Students who will learn Japanese as a foreign language will take the general placement test and students who will learn Japanese as a first or heritage language will take the Special Japanese placement test.

Japanese as a Foreign Language

There are two programs for <Japanese as a Foreign Language> track, the Intensive Japanese Program and the Japanese Program. Both programs cover all language skills, and students are expected to actively participate in classes which are kept relatively small. There are tutorial sessions where students can receive individual attention. In addition, there is the less intense Step by Step Program for elementary level. The graduation requirement is to complete up to J7:Japanese.

Students without previous knowledge of Japanese are welcome to pursue a degree at ICU. However, in order to graduate ICU in 4 years, it is highly recommended taking the Intensive Japanese program to fulfill the graduation requirement, which will be a maximum of 35 credits.

Intensive Japanese Program

It is designed to complete basic to intermediate level in 3 terms, at double the pace of the Japanese Program. The Intensive Program meets 4 days a week totaling 15 periods a week carrying 10 credits a term. In addition to the Intensive Japanese course, students can take a course offered under the College of Liberal Arts.

Japanese Program

It is designed to give students a firm foundation in communication skills, in both spoken and written Japanese. The Japanese Program meets 3 days a week totaling 8 periods a week carrying 5 credits a term. In addition to the Japanese course, students can take other courses offered under the College of Liberal Arts.

Advenced Levels

After completing Intensive Japanese C or J6: Japanese or the equivalent, students are eligible to take these advanced level courses. These courses are designed to prepare the students for effective participation in university classes taught in Japanese.

Japanese: Step by Step Program

Designed to develop everyday communication competence in Japanese and provide practical skills to help university life. It has 4 levels at elementary stage, each consisting of 4 class periods a week and counts for 3 credits.

Note: This Program will NOT be counted towards graduation language requirement for 4 year Regular and Transfer students

Japanese as a First / Heritage Language

Special Japanese Program

Special Japanese Program is mainly for native/heritage speakers of Japanese who can communicate orally but lack literacy skill in Japanese. If you use Japanese language at home with family members regularly, then you may be on this track. The goal of Special Japanese Program is to facilitate students gain sufficient Japanese competence and academic skills to participate in ICU classes and lead university life with ease. Students will be placed in courses according to the placement test. Unless exempted from Special Japanese courses, the graduation requirement is to complete Special Japanese 3 and Kanji 3 which will be a maximum 17 credits.

Summer Courses in Japanese (SCJ)

Summer Courses in Japanese (SCJ) is an intensive six-week program with more than 40 years' history. Starting in early July, it provides a stimulating environment in which university/college students can increase their understanding of the Japanese language and culture. About 100 students from 15 or so countries/regions participate in the SCJ every summer. In addition to the program's 15 weekly periods of intensive Japanese language instruction, the course also offers cultural programs. In content, method and rigor, the SCJ courses are equivalent to ICU regular term courses. Students in the SCJ program stay in dormitories on campus or with Japanese families off campus to experience life in Japan.


Japanese Language Programs (staff and faculty offices) are located in the first floor of the Educational and Research Building 2 (ERB-2).

Tel: 0422-33-3191(from abroad, +81-422-33-3191)
Fax: 0422-33-3631(from abroad, +81-422-33-3631)
Email: jlp@icu.ac.jp

Summer Courses in Japanese

Tel: 0422-33-3501(from abroad, +81-422-33-3501)
Fax: 0422-33-3631(from abroad, +81-422-33-3631)
Email: scj@icu.ac.jp
Website: http://subsite.icu.ac.jp/office/scj/