International Rugby Championship, ICU Rugby Cup 2019, held at ICU

Update: October 28, 2019

On Sunday, October 20, an international rugby championship, ICU Rugby Cup 2019, was held on ICU's artificial turf field, bringing together 9 teams from four countries.

This event was held to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the ICU Rugby Football Club in the hope of contributing to the advancement of rugby by offering a venue for amateur players to interact with each other beyond borders, and to coincide with the Rugby World Cup held in Japan from September to November 2019.

A total of about 200 players from Wales(UK), USA, Thailand and Japan fought group stage games with the winners going on to finals. Contrary to the friendly atmosphere before the beginning of the championship, a series of fierce games were fought during the competition. Watching these energetic games, audiences applauded great plays regardless of teams, nationality and ages.

Beside the heated games, rugby classes for children were offered, making the event enjoyable for adults and children alike.


After the championship, all the participants enjoyed an after-match party at the university's Dining Hall, where the captain of each team introduced their team members. Lively conversations were exchanged despite the language differences.


Comments from the ICU Rugby Football Club

We are very happy that "ICU Rugby Cup 2019" was successfully held as the 60th anniversary project for the ICU Rugby Club. The international exchange through rugby was made possible by connections developed through generations of alumni with 60 years of club history to draw on.

We would like to thank the members of the university for giving us their full support.

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