Campus Grand Design

Campus Grand Design

Campus Development for the Next 60 Years



Aspiring to build a model for global liberal arts education

The International Christian University (ICU) came into being in 1953 in Mitaka, a suburb of Tokyo, as Japan's first liberal arts college with the mission of "cultivating capable individuals, educated as internationally minded citizens, who will serve both God and people and who will contribute to lasting peace. "

In 2013, ICU marked 60 years of devoting itself to providing education. In 2014, an ICU initiative, Creating Responsible Global Citizens through a Global Liberal Arts Education, was selected for the Top Global University Project (Type B) by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, Japan. Through this initiative, the university will further develop the "bilingual liberal arts education" it has been offering in Japanese and English since its establishment to build a global liberal arts education model.

The campus where students and faculty learn together going beyond the classroom

One of ICU's features is its tradition to put emphasis on holistic interaction of its members. Surrounded by deep woods, the 620,000 sq. m. campus not only houses educational facilities such as the University Hall (classroom block), Science Hall and Physical Education Center but is also dotted with student dormitories and faculty and staff residences, offering an environment where students and faculty learn together going beyond classroom. This invaluable university premise was purchased using donations from numerous people who agreed with the philosophy of ICU's establishment amidst the post-World War II devastation.

Campus Grand Design


In the meantime, the facilities of the campus, with which ICU had built its history over the past 60 years, are showing signs of deterioration due to ageing, and ICU decided to formulate the basic plan for constructing new facilities and rebuilding of some facilities to create an environment to practice liberal arts for the next 60 years befitting ICU in the 21st Century. The university positions this basic plan as the Campus Grand Design and describes in detail the vision of the campus ICU is going to create over the next 60 years and the short- and medium-term transitional steps toward achieving the vision. The university commissioned the design of the Campus Grand Design to Nihon Sekkei, Inc. and Kengo Kuma & Associates and ICU faculty and staff members participated in the design process.

ICU's campus is the place to go back through the ages for the students, faculty, their family, alumni and local residents in the past, present and future and is the gateway to the world for them. The ICU campus will continue to develop and prosper.


Six concepts

Note: The diagram below is entirely for illustration purpose and is subject to change in the future.

1. Demarcation of zones for optimizing academic activity environment


In order for the university to systematically rebuild the facilities while continuing with education and research on campus, zoning, which organizes the campus area by its intended use, is indispensable. The Campus Grand Design redevelops the campus into the nine zones of Chapel, Academic, Outdoor Education and Fieldwork, Student Activities, Sports, Student Dormitories, Campus Housing, High School, and Administration. The university will create an attractive campus by leveraging the features of each zone to the maximum extent and developing the zones in respective, best-suited ways.

2. Realization of an integrated campus centered on the quadrangle (gathering place)


When drafting the campus plan at the time of establishment of the university, W. M. Vories, the architect who drafted the plan, had conceived a spacious quadrangle (gathering place) in the central part of the campus. The university will expand the lawn area in front of the University Hall and redevelop the rotary space in front of the University Chapel to continue and unify the sweep of the central part of the campus to give it a depth.

3. Creation of new educational environment that inherits the philosophy of ICU's establishment and the memories of the campus

University Hall3_en.jpg

ICU aims to create a new educational environment that inherits the philosophy of the university's establishment and the memories of the campus. The university will embody the integration of humanities, social sciences and natural sciences at facilities such as the classroom block and will newly build learning commons for encouraging interactions between students and faculty from various majors and an information lounge that promotes deep learning and discussions and to make presentations. Moreover, ICU will design classrooms that address the needs of consistent small-group education, various formats of classes and advancement of technology. It will also construct two new student dormitories (capacity of 320 students) and newly create a common space for students who are staying at the dorms as well as those commuting to university from their home or apartment. With the new buildings, the number of student dorms on campus will come to a total of 10 blocks where about 900 students, or 30% of ICU students, will stay, which will further strengthen the extracurricular educational function.


4. Leveraging of and appropriate maintenance of greenery for realizing a beautiful campus in harmony with the nature

The ICU campus boasts rich nature and it is one of the largest university campuses in Tokyo (620,000 sq. m.). ICU will set "Green Landscape" that corresponds to the function of each zone in order to leverage the value of trees that have grown tall along with the university's history while protecting and maintaining Musashino' s forest and living in harmony with rare animal and plant species. The university will prune trees and crop bottom weed to create landscape with visibility and grow healthy trees and further nurture the nature on campus, which is ICU's invaluable asset, to make it even more beautiful and diverse and pass it down to future generations.

Examples of "Green Landscape"

Chapel area
A scenery which represents the campus, centered in the gathering space in front of the chapel where the trees that have grown tall exist together with a group of facilities

MacLean Avenue area
A 600m street connecting the main gate and the University Chapel, lined with 72 someiyoshino cherry (prunus yedoensis) trees.

Outdoor education and fieldwork area
We will pass down the rich expanse of Musashino's woods, which is precious in Tokyo, to future generations as a place where people can stop by casually

Student dormitory area
An airy and comfortable residential area surrounded by trees that would nicely block intruding eyes.

5. Building safe and comfortable traffic lines on campus


Built around the quadrangle (gathering space), ICU will improve the traffic lines for pedestrians, bicycles and vehicles and clearly mark them to realize a campus which is friendly for everyone to move around. In doing so, it will also make arrangements to make it safe and convenient for diverse students, faculty members and visitors. ICU at the same time will draft a new lighting plan along with the improved traffic lines and realize night lighting that is safe and beautiful for people and maintains an environment for flora and fauna to grow.

6. Eco campus and efficient energy plan

We will formulate an efficient energy plan that utilizes to the maximum extent natural energy such as solar energy and funnel draft, and is suitable for the campus, which promotes harmonization with the nature. In particular, the university will migrate the heating and cooling system from the existing centralized method to the individual, dispersed method in a phased manner to meet the particular needs of each facility. ICU pursues a sustainable eco campus that is optimal for education and research by saving energy throughout the campus through these measures.

●Overall image of the Campus Grand Design (around 2030)


Time schedule through 2020

Note: The years described here cover the start of planning. The following is the plan at the moment and it may change in the future.


The university will continue with the redevelopment of the campus and its facilities from 2020 onwards in accordance with the six concepts of the Campus Grand Design.

ICU Campus Grand Design Office