ICU and Christianity

ICU and Christianity

The University seeks to provide a means for moral and religious development by offering various opportunities for inquiry, discussion, instruction and worship, organized by the Religious Center, the Faculty Religious Affairs Committee and student groups. Participation in these activities is optional.

Chapel Hour

A Chapel Hour is conducted for students, faculty and staff every Wednesday during the lunch period, with university ministers, faculty and staff members, students and guests from outside the campus as speakers.

Christianity Week

In May a full week of daily programs, including addresses by outstanding speakers and group discussions in faculty homes and elsewhere, are held under the title of Christianity Week.

The Religious Center also sponsors work camps and a variety of other activities and projects in Japan and other parts of Asia.

The Christian Ideals of ICU

Learn more about the Christian clause of our university.


The Christian Ideals of ICU
(Digital book)

ICU Church

The ICU Church, an ecumenical fellowship independent from the university, acts as the heart of the community's religious life. The Church sponsors bilingual worship services and a full program of activities, including a choir, a church school and Bible classes.