The Three Commitments of ICU

The Three Commitments of ICU

ICU holds as its mission the establishment of an academic tradition of freedom and reverence based on Christian ideals, and the education of individuals of conscience, internationally cultured and with a strong sense of citizenship in a democratic society. As demonstrated in its name, International Christian University, ICU has followed three principal commitments as its mission: Academic, Christian and International Commitments.

Our Academic Commitment

ICU was founded with a mission to pursue truth, defend academic freedom and enrich inner freedom. In order to attain the best results in the pursuit and conveyance of truth, it is essential to maintain the highest academic standards and the highest levels of academic freedom. We have that responsibility to defend our academic community from external constraint and coercion so that we can reach our lofty goal.

The communication of knowledge is of special concern to all institutions of higher education. We are committed to educating and nurturing individuals who will integrate knowledge.

We expect our students to acquire the ability to think, critique and make reasonable judgments as individuals serving truth and freedom, against any external restraint and coercion. It is our mission to send forth graduates who will fulfill their responsibilities based upon their newfound knowledge and skills.

Our Christian Commitment

ICU's commitment to a Christian philosophy enables us to explore and develop all dimensions of the human existence, including the religious.

We believe a Christian institution of higher learning has a distinct contribution to make to the world. Although differences may arise in explanation, interpretation, or proposed solutions to certain human conditions, our scientific and descriptive tools are the same as those used by scholars at other institutions. Knowledge that is discovered and taught is not an end in itself but carries with it certain implications, such as the responsibility for improving society. We believe in responsible scholarship.

Winning adherents to the Christian faith is not ICU's primary goal. But we encourage our students to open their eyes to the presence and power of God in their lives and in society. Through this environment, students learn that acquiring knowledge is not an end in itself: we believe in the essential unity of knowledge, faith and action.

Our International Commitment

ICU was established shortly after World War II, its founding philosophy embracing a supranational perspective based on deep reflection about the war. On the Mitaka campus, people from different nations and cultures live, study and work together, to form an international community. Our academic program reflects a variety of educational visions, with each individual encountering others from different backgrounds. This multi-cultural environment provides students the groundwork for future problems in the world by handling tensions in a group, accommodating other's needs and adapting common goals.

To promote mutual understanding and exchange in the international community, language ability is vital. ICU provides a bilingual education in English and Japanese. The university provides students with a variety of programs that connect them with the world outside Japan, including ample opportunities to study at universities overseas through our educational exchange programs.

ICU sees itself as a bridge both to and from Japan.