Mature Students and Students Held Back

Mature Students and Students Held Back

Number of Mature Students

Every year, ICU administers "Admission for Mature Students (Shakaijin)." Needless to say, a large
request of society in the era of lifelong learning is that universities be open to society. "Admission
for Mature Students (Shakaijin)" is seeking those who discover new interest for learning and social
responsibility through social experiences and have the will to actively pursue the truth.

After enrollment, mature students take the same classes under the same conditions as enrollees
selected under different admission systems. There is no special curriculum for mature students.

Admission for Mature Students (Shakaijin): Number of Applicants and Number of Admitted

Academic Year Number of Applicants Number of Admitted Applicants
AY2016 2 2
AY2015 4 2
AY2014 13 2
AY2013 17 11

Number of Students Held Back

ICU does not set a curriculum for each year (with the exception of language instruction courses).
During the time from enrollment to graduation, each student actively selects courses in order to
acquire the 136 units necessary for graduation while taking important matters into account.
Therefore, there is no "holding back" of students.

In addition, Students must complete 4 years of study. Students must complete their studies in no more than 8 years.