ICU publishes "The ICU" (inaugural number: December 2000 issue) in July and December every year.

Every issue introduces a special feature of ICU, providing news about the education, research and student life on campus, as well as information about JICUF and donations.

Along with publication of the December issue, the previous year's financial report is made available online.

Change of Address

We send The ICU to students' guarantors, alumni, FOI (Friends of ICU) members and others related to ICU. If you need any corrections or revisions of your address, please follow the instructions below.

  • To students' guarantors
    Students need to notify the Educational Affairs Group to change your address
    Tel. 0422-33-3054
  • To alumni, FOI members and others related to ICU
    Please use the Web Form

The ICU No.48 July 2021



  • Special Feature
    ICUʼs Mission as the University of Tomorrow:
    Scrutinizing the AY2021-2025 Medium-term Plan
  • Words to Live By
  • Letʼs Explore the Professorʼs Office!
  • Extra-curricular Activities / ICU Students
  • Careers of Graduates of the College of Liberal Arts AY2020
  • TOPICS, From the Alumni Association, From JICUF
  • Fundraising Activities
  • From the Yuasa Museum
「The ICU」をデジタルブックで読む 「The ICU」をPDFで読む

The ICU No.47 December 2020


  • Special Feature
    Coronavirus Response Highlights the True Value of ICU:
    Maintaining the Quality and Character of an ICU Education
  • Words to Live By
  • Let's Explore the Environmental Scientist's Lab!
  • Extra-curricular Activities
    - Wadaiko Club
  • News: University, High School, Alumni Association, JICUF
  • Fundraising
    - Establishment of a New Fund for Improving Educational Facilities
    - Event News
    - New ICU Peace Bell Scholars
Digital Book PDF FY2019 Financial Report

The ICU No.46 July 2020


  • Special Feature
    Facilities Development Plan Report New Building to Bring About Evolution in ICU's Liberal Arts
  • Extra-curricular Activities
    - ICU Cycling Club
    - ICU Festival Committee
  • Careers of 2019 ICU Graduates
    - ICU's Response to the Novel Coronavirus Infection (COVID-19)
    - The Times Higher Education Japan University Rankings 2020 ICU was ranked first among private universities in Japan for two straight years.
  • News: University, High School, Alumni Association, JICUF
  • Report on Fundraising Activities in AY2019
  • Giving to ICU
  • From the Yuasa Museum

Digital Book PDF

The ICU No.45 December 2019


[Special Feature] Frontline of Liberal Arts: ICU's challenge. A closer look at its deepening.
Words to Live By
Let's Explore the Anthropologist's Office!
Extra-curricular Activities
News: University, High School, Alumni Association, JICUF
Report on Donation Projects
New ICU Peace Bell Scholars
Event News
Giving to ICU

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