Study English Abroad (SEA) Program 【for 1st and 2nd year】

Study English Abroad (SEA) Program 【for 1st and 2nd year】

Further Expansion of English Proficiency

This academic program is for students to study the English language intensively while experiencing different cultures. Participants are expected to return to ICU with a broader global point of view and ability to communicate in English.

There are two programs, mainly for those who do not have a long-term living abroad experience, one for the first year students and the other for the second year students.

The SEA Program provides students with the following opportunities:



Freshman SEA Program 【for 1st year studenst】

This program is for the first year students (freshmen). Freshman participants take English language courses for about six weeks during summer break at the following English language institutions of our partner universities. Those who successfully complete the program will receive two credits of Academic Skills, an ELA course, and two credits of Overseas Academic Skills, an elective courseafter their return to ICU. The program is held at 11 colleges in six countries and its enrollment limit is 210 students.

Partner Universities(As of March, 2016)

CountryPartner Universities
Canada    The University of British Columbia
University of Victoria
MacGill University
U.S.A. Saint Michael's College
Tufts University              
Australia Monash University
The University of Queensland
Ireland University College Dublin
U.K. The University of Sheffield
University of Sussex
School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London

Points to note upon checking the website of universities under SEA Program:
In some cases, a partner university and ICU have an agreement in which the university establishes a curriculum exclusively for ICU students. For this reason, course details, fees and duration of courses listed on respective universities' websites may differ from those of actual Freshman SEA Program.


Schedule of the Freshman SEA Program


Sophomore SEA Program 【for 2nd year students】

This program is an about six week English education program held, during the summer vacation of the second year with ICU, in Canada, the U.S. and the U.K. The participants take English language courses equivalent to Research Writing, an ELA course, having three credits, and elective course Overseas Research Writing with one credit. In addition to the Research Writing curriculum established solely for ICU students, the participants also attend an English language training program for students from around the world seeking to learn the language. The program's content puts emphasis on improvement of speech and listening abilities. The applicants are screened based on their grades and English skills for the program as it requires the students to study Research Writing in a short period of time. It is held at four universities in three countries and enrollment limit is 60 students.

Partner Universities(As of March, 2016)

CountryPartner Universities
Canada University of Victoria
U.S.A.  University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Washington State University
U.K. The University of Essex


Schedule of the Sophomore SEA Program


Expenses (course fees, accommodation, travel expenses, living expenses)

Expenses for participating in SEA Program include program fees, accommodation, travel, purchasing overseas travel insurance specified by ICU, expenses for obtaining visa, and living expenses (food, local transportation, entertainment and so on).

Approximate expenses: starting from about 500,000 yen to more than 850,000 yen (depending on the destination and housing)


AY2015: Freshman SEA Program Participant: Ayaka Hayashi
Location: Monash University (Australia)

There are two major reasons why I chose Monash University. The first reason was that I could stay with a host family for the entire six weeks. As I had neither left my family home nor stayed abroad over a week, I expected that it would be good experience for me to stay with a family with a different culture. The second reason was that I was not familiar with Australia. I knew very little about Australia as I only studied about the country at the world history class when I was a high school student. I only knew the country has many immigrants and therefore I thought it would be fun to live in the country where various cultures are blended.

Looking back on the overseas study, great benefits I gained were that I was able to make myself understood in English much better than I thought before the participation, I gained confidence as I was able to live independently even away from my family and my listening skill has been improved and I can now catch the pronunciations not existed in Japanese language. In addition, in each class, our teacher actively asked us about our own countries regarding various topics written in the text by saying, "The situation is like this in a country appeared in the text; however, what about your country?" and therefore not only did I gain English skills but also I gained knowledge about Australia as well as other countries. As a result, I have acquired a habit of thinking, "What about it in Japan?" or "Why is it like this in Japan?" Thus, it served as an opportunity to reconsider things I had taken for granted and paid no attention to and accordingly I could broaden my horizons.

I still keep in touch with friends in Australia and I am very satisfied with my first studying abroad.



AY2015: Sophomore SEA Program Participant:S
Location: Washington State University (USA)

I participated in the Sophomore SEA Program conducted in Washington State University (WSU). I was also interested in the Freshman SEA Program; however, I could not make up my mind to participate in the program at that time as I just entered the university. Then, I thought I should study English at the English for Liberal Arts Program (ELA) for a year before studying abroad. Therefore, I selected the Sophomore SEA Program. As I wanted to study abroad in the USA and I thought that the style of the program where students shall complete the research writing in six weeks would be suitable for me, I decided to participate in the program in WSU.

In the Sophomore SEA Program, focuses were placed on the research writing and therefore I tried to have more opportunities to speak English. I consciously tried to speak to teachers. As I put myself in situations where I had to speak English (for instance opportunities such as talking to a shop assistant), it became usual for me and so I felt less reluctant to speak English. Moreover, during my stay in WSU, Japanese junior high and high school students from Okinawa were also there to participate in another program and therefore I had opportunities in observing their classes during my breaks or participating in the lessons as an assistant. It was the first time for me to observe classes and as I am taking a teacher-training course, it was good experience for me to observe classes where teachers of native English-speakers taught students of non-native English speakers.

I participated in this program as a step toward the final stage of English study I have continued. I left the family home for the first time in my life and dealt with my study and life at the same time and accordingly could accomplish my purpose of making the study abroad fulfilling by experiencing things I can experience only in the USA under the motto that experience is the best teacher. In addition, I gained confidence as I could spend the life in the USA without suffering from any health problems. It was a good opportunity to increase my motivation for and to make a step toward the next studying abroad.