The ICU Library came out on 2nd in the 2020 edition of "University Rankings" by AERA Mook (published by the Asahi Shimbun Publications) that rated 755 colleges and universities across the country. One of the reasons was the large number of books taken out per student. ICU students use the library frequently to work on class assignments and read up on "Course Reserve Books" assigned by faculty.

The ICU Library, which consists of the Main Library and the Othmer Library, is stocked with more than 790,000 books in a wide range of academic fields, both in Japanese and other languages. In the Main Library are the Archives & Special Collections and the Special Needs Support Office. The Othmer Library is equipped with the ICU Center for Teaching and Learning which supports students with their studies and faculty with their teaching work, the Writing Support Desk where graduate students assist undergraduates to write theses and reports and the Group Learning Area and the Study Area where students work on class assignments in groups.

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