Campus Visit Day SUMMER 2017: Sign up for a Student-led Campus Tour

ICU welcomes prospective students and their families!

Student-led campus tour is one of the best ways to learn more about ICU.

If you are not available on July 15, August 5 or 12 on which we will held Open Campus, please sign up for a Student-led Campus Tour as follows.

(1) July 3rd (Monday) 2:30 PM

(2) August 8th (Tuesday) 1:00 PM

<Duration: 1 hour, Language: English and/or Japanese>

STEP 1 - Sign Up

Make a reservation by sending us an email ( with the following information:

- Email subject line "Campus Tour Reservation (requested date)"

- Date

- Your name

- Number of visitors in your party

- Name and Location (country/city) of your School and your Grade/Year

- Contact number

- If you would like to talk to Admissions staff, please let us know


Direction to ICU (

Campus Map (

Location: #19 on the map - Administration Building ( Admissions Center is located on the 1st floor at Room 104 )

Helpful Links:

Admissions in General:

Information Booklet "April/September Admissions by Documentary Screening 2018:

Frequently Asked Questions: