Application Brochure and Forms

Application Brochure and Forms

Application Brochure

The new Information Brochure for AY 2018 is now available.

Announcement: Changes toUniversalAdmissions -April/September Admissions by Documentary Screening from AY2018

Application Forms

The Application Forms for AY 2018 is now available.

Please use the Forms for the year you will apply for.

Form I

Letter of Recommendation from High School Principal/Guidance Counselor
for Regular Student applicants only
Form II Letter of Recommendation from University Dean/Academic Advisor
for Transfer/One-Year-Regular/Kenkyusei Student applicants only
Form III Letter of Recommendation from Instructor
for all applicants
Form IB Predicted IB Grades Report Form for IB applicants only

If your school does not have a School Profile, a print-out of your school website where relevant information is provided in English is acceptable. However, if it is not available either, please download the School Profile Form below and ask a school official to fill it out in English, sign and send it to ICU with your transcript. The envelope containing this form must be sealed and signed across the flap by a school official.

School Profile Form School Profile Form (Only for schools that does not have a School Profile)