Categories of Students - Kenkyusei (Special Students)

Categories of Students - Kenkyusei (Special Students)

There are four types of student status:

Please read the definition of each status and see which one serves your purpose.

Kenkyusei* (Special Students)(studying for 1 academic year)

Must have completed or be able to show certification that they will complete their undergraduate work (bachelor's degree), i.e. 16 or more years of formal education, by the time of enrollment at ICU, and are permitted to pursue some special study at ICU.

Admission in this status is granted only when it is judged to serve the interests of the student and ICU alike and the University's regular program of education and research is not jeopardized by such permission. The status is for one year only; extension for one more year may be granted, however, on review at the end of the year. An additional admission fee will be charged in this case.

*Kenkyūsei participate in the academic program of their special area in the same manner as Regular Students, but course work does not count toward a degree. The University will furnish transcripts of the work completed to other institutions upon request.