Eligibility and Student Categories

Eligibility and Student Categories

Who is eligible to apply for April/September Admissions by Documentary Screening?

Those who have completed, or are expected to complete an educational curriculum of 12+ years in Japan or a foreign country, and who possess sufficient English language proficiency in order to take college level courses in English are eligible to apply through this admission category. (No prior knowledge of Japanese is required.)

There are four types of student status for which you can apply:1) Regular 2)Transfer 3) One-Year-Regular 4) Kenkyusei (special students) Depending on which category an applicant falls into, other conditions pertain.

For further details, please refer to "Universal Admissions: April/September Admissions by Documentary Screening 2018".

If you are still not sure whether you fulfill this requirement after checking the information, please submit an "eligibility_check_form (.xls)" by email or fax [+81-(0)422-33-3635].