Open Campus

We will offer a series of events including lecture demonstrations and campus tour at the Open Campus.
Participants will also have an opportunity to interact with ICU students, faculty and staff to get more
ideas about what it is to be like a student at ICU.


【At ICU MITAKA Campus】

DATEs: July 15th, August 5th & 12th, 2017, March 17th, 2018--All on Saturday

TIME: 10:00-16:00

PROGRAMS given in ENGLISH- Programs on March 17th will be available in mid-February- :

Lecture demonstration*:

'Translating Manga' by Pro. CURRAN, Beverley F.M. (12:05-12:50/14:05-14:50 on July 15)
'Why do we make music?' by Pro. GILLAN, Matthew A. (12:05-12:50/14:05-14:50 on July 15)
'Why Study Philosophy at ICU?' by Pro. ALBERG, Jeremiah L. (12:05-12:50/14:05-14:50 on August 5)
'Living and Learning Near Ponds: Doing Ethnographic Research in Rural India' by Prof. LANGAGER, Mark W. (11:05-11:50/14:05-14:50 on August 5)
'From Number Crunching to Artificial Intelligence' by Prof. PICHL, Lukas (11:05-11:50/14:05-14:50 on August 12)
'Populism, International Relations and Citizenship: Understanding the Trump Phenomena' by Prof. NAGY, Stephen R. (12:05-12:50/14:05-14:50 on August 12)
'Mcdonaldization of Society' by Prof.KIM, Allen (11:05-11:50/14:05-14:50 on August 12)

*Please scroll down to the bottom of this page and see the short movies from faculty members.

Introduction of Japanese Language Programs
Please come to talk with JLP faculty & ICU students to know more about JLP anytime on July 15 & August 5.

Liberal Arts Lounge
You can talk with ICU faculty & ICU students anytime on all days.

Individual Consultation on Admissions
If you have any concerns or questions about admisions, please come to talk with Admissions Center staff anytime on all days.

Campus Tour
English speaking student will guide you around the ICU campus - including new dormitories - available on all days.

Open Campus webpage in Japanese:

For non-Japanese speakers:
Please e-mail and let us know,
(1)Date (July 15, August 5, August 12 or March 17)
(2)Your Name
(3)Name of High School
(4)Number of participants coming with you


▼Message from professors giving lecture demonstration