Admissions Policy

Admissions Policy

Message from Dean

"Bringing People Together, Serving the World"


Katsuhiko Mori Dean, College of Liberal Arts Professor

Welcome to ICU! Thank you for including us in your college search. ICU is one of Japan's most highly respected academic institutions. The campus is in the western suburbs of Tokyo, the world's largest city, but full of greenery. Here you can live and work together with students from all over the world to meet the challenges of the new global age.

Why come to ICU? First, ICU offers an outstanding education: small classes, dedicated faculty, supportive and beautiful campus environment. Second is mastery of the Japanese language and culture. You don't have to know Japanese to enter ICU, but by the time you graduate you will be an active learner in both English and Japanese. These international skills will serve you well beyond your college years. ICU opens doors to a variety of careers and advanced educational opportunities relating to Japan, Asia, and beyond.

ICU will give you new ways to think about the world and your own country. You will be challenged to commit yourself to help bringing about social justice and world peace. Are you up to the challenge? ICU is a special place of learning seeking special students from all over the world. I hope you will consider applying to ICU.

Admissions Policy

College of Liberal Arts

Founded on the principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, ICU aims to cultivate "responsible global citizens" who will contribute to world peace and to help people from diverse backgrounds live together harmoniously. ICU has been a pioneer in liberal arts education in Japan since its founding in 1953, pursuing, as its name suggests, international, Christian, and academic missions. In order to realize this vision and meet challenges in the rapidly changing global community, ICU seeks students from Japan and the world possessing the following qualities:

Our goal is to admit, irrespective of nationality, students who have studied a wide range of subjects with the core competencies to integrate basic knowledge and foreign language skills for doing liberal arts.ICU offers a variety of admissions and assessment procedures in order to enroll students who seek to change both themselves and the world.