Admission Systems

Universal Admissions

With Universal Admissions, ICU is seeking students who have studied in various places around the world and who possess diverse backgrounds. This admissions system accommodates different language backgrounds and learning experiences, so that you can select the application method that is most appropriate for you. Through this system, we will work together to find the path that best enables you to make best use of all of your rich experiences.

Number of students accepted through Universal Admissions each year: Approximately 90 students

Admission conducted in English

April/September Admissions by Documentary Screening

Admission conducted in Japanese ( Japanese website only )

Other Admissions

In addition to the Universal Admissions, ICU offer admission categories conducted mainly in Japanese. (Japanese website only)

  1. General Admissions
  2. Admissions for Transfer students (Geneneral Admissions)
  3. ICU Special Admissions
  4. Admissions for Shakaijin (Mature Students)
  5. Admissions for Recommendees

--> One-Year-Regular Students from Partner Institutions

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