Admission Systems
- Universal Admissions -

Through our "Universal Admissions" procedures, ICU seeks students who have diverse educational and language backgrounds. ICU does not require successful applicants to be proficient in both Japanese and English at the same time of admissions. Our Universal Admissions procedures give students educated outside the Japanese education system the flexibility to select an application method that is most appropriate for them.

April EntrySeptember Entry
for ReturneesEnglish Language BasedEJU BasedEnglish Language BasedEJU Based
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Language Program
after Enrollment
  • Number of students accepted through Universal Admissions each year: Approximately 120 students
  • Language Programs for Bilingual Liberal Arts: At ICU, both Japanese and English are the languages of instruction, therefore, students are required to be proficient in both languages. For this purpose, degree-seeking students must complete either the Japanese Language Programs (JLP) or English for Liberal Arts Program (ELA) as part of their graduation requirements at ICU. Those entering ICU through English Language Based Admissions are required to take Japanese Language Programs (JLP).

Messages from International Students

- Other Admissions -

In addition to the Universal Admissions, ICU offers admission categories conducted mainly in Japanese (Japanese website only).

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