Prospective Students

Thank you for your interest in enrolling at ICU. We hope this website provides you with helpful information and gives you a good idea of what the university is all about. As you browse the links below to access more information for prospective students, we hope you take this opportunity to learn more about ICU and make it your university of choice.


Bring Your Talents to ICU

What kind of university is ICU? Discover ICU for yourself.

Introduction to ICU by Prof. Robert Eskildsen

Vice President for Academic Affairs, Prof. Robert Eskildsen explains about features of learning at ICU.

Voice of Students and Alumni

Students and Alumni talk about their studies, studying abroad, student life, and career. Please check it out.


Learn more about enrollment at ICU.

【Undergraduate】Admission Systems explain by Dean Ishio

Dean of the college of the Liberal Arts, Yoshito Ishio explains about admission systems at ICU.

Tuition and Aid

Here, find information on tuition, financial aid, scholarships, living costs in Japan, and other expenses.

College of Liberal Arts

Access these links to learn about ICU's College of Liberal Arts.

Campus Life

See how you can live a fuller student life.


Check out these links to get more information on the careers and further schooling that ICU students pursue after graduating.

Graduate School

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