Sophia U, ICU Co-Sponsor Symposium “From Japan, To Japan: International Understanding Through Culture”


Sophia University and ICU have both worked to cultivate superlative individuals who work cooperatively in the world. These universities invite their alumni to co-sponsored symposium made possible through the cooperation of both school’s alumni associations. Speaking from ICU’s alumni will be Hiroshi Shigenobu, general director of the company TV Man Union and recipient of the ICU Alumni’s DAY award in 2011.

We hope you will be able to join us for this event.


Symposium “From Japan, To Japan: International Understanding Through Culture”


International Christian University, ICU Alumni Association, Sophia University, Sophia University Alumni Association (cosponsored with the Sophia University 100th Anniversary Project’s “Sophia Renaissance Lecture Series” and “International Cooperation for 21st Education and Research Working Toward Resolution of Issues on Global Scale”)


17:30, Monday, 10 December

Audience: This symposium is open to anyone.


Sophia University, Building 2, 17th floor (Chiyoda-ku)



17:40 ? 18:40 Hiroshi Shigenobu, General Director of TV Man Union, Inc.

Keisuke Onishi, President and CEO of Navitime Japan, Co. Ltd.

18:50 ? 19:30 Conversation with the speakers

Moderated by:

Professor Anri Morimoto, Vice President of Academic Affairs, ICU

Symposium Topics:

Since their founding, both ICU and Sophia University have engaged in a type of Christian-based university education that cultivates internationally minded graduates, ICU for sixty years and Sophia for one-hundred. With both universities approaching such major landmarks, they invite their globally active alumni to this symposium in order reflect on the international experiences they had as university students and make suggestions on how to strengthen the kind of internationalism these universities should aim for as well as hear their thoughts about what superlative global graduates needed in Japan and international society look like. At the same time, the symposium seeks to hear what expectations alumni have of the younger generation, specifically of the current students of ICU and Sophia.

By more deeply understanding both schools’ founding principles and hearing the ideas of graduates who have worked with a global perspective, we hope this symposium will be a landmark in deepening ties between Sophia University and ICU as they aim to further cultivate internationally minded graduates.



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