Degree and Certification Offerings

Degree and Certification Offerings


Students in the Master's and Doctoral Courses can obtain the following degrees.

Degrees Offered in the Graduate School

CourseProgramArea of Concentrationsdegree
Master's Course Education and Psychology Education Master of Arts in Education
Clinical Psychology*1
Language education
Public Policy and Social Research Politics and International Studies Master of Arts in Public Administration or Master of Arts in International Relations
Social and Cultural Analysis Master of Arts in Social and Cultural Analysis
Media and Language Master of Arts in Media and Language
Public Economics Master of Arts in Public Economics
Peace Studies Master of Arts in Peace Studies
Comparative Culture Japanese Culture Studies Master of Arts in Comparative Culture
Transcultural Studies*2
Natural Sciences Mathematics and Computer Science Master of Arts in Natural Sciences
Material Science
Life Science
Doctoral Course Arts and Sciences Doctor of Philosophy

 *1 Area of Clinical Psychology stopped accepting applicants from GS September 2014 Admission.
 *2 Area of Concentration in Christianity and Culture is changed to Transcultural Studies from April, 2015.


Senshu Teacher's Certificates in Junior High School and Senior High School

ICU Graduate School students can obtain the following junior high school and senior high school teacher's certificates by satisfying the prescribed requirements.

Curatorial Certification

A student who completes the necessary practicums, earns the prescribed credits, and obtains a degree is eligible to receive a "Curatorial Program Certificate" that certifies the student as a curator.