For Those Applying for MEXT Scholarships (Embassy Recommendation)

ICU Graduate School has been accepting international students who receive the Japanese Government (Monbukagakusho: MEXT) Scholarship.

If you plan to apply for this MEXT Scholarship, please consult the Japanese embassy/consulate in your home country (hereafter, diplomatic mission) for application forms and deadline. You should NOT submit ICU application forms to ICU. Application procedure for ICU under this scholarship is separated from the application procedure stated in the ICU booklet.

You should apply for this scholarship first at the diplomatic mission and then (after you pass the first screening by the diplomatic mission) contact ICU to get the letter of acceptance. We will hold a documentary screening based on all the documents you submitted to the diplomatic mission to decide whether to issue you a letter of acceptance or not.

If you need more information about faculty members at ICU, please check our digital booklet (currently only 2015 version avaialble) or forward us your brief research plan so that we can forward your mail to the members. For any inquiry: please contact Graduate School Group Admissions staff at (