Experiments on Animals

Experiments on Animals

ICU maintains a Committee on the Use of Animals in Experimentation based on the "ICU Regulations on Animal Experimentation." At ICU, experiments using animals are conducted properly under the management of the university president.

Organization of the Committee on the Use of Animals in Experimentation

  1. Vice President for Academic Affairs
  2. Manager(s): individual(s) receiving orders from the President and who manage(s) laboratory animals and facilities
  3. Laboratory animal manager(s)
  4. Full-time educational staff not involved in the conducting of animal experimentation
  5. A small number of other individuals deemed necessary by the president

Role of the Committee on the Use of Animals in Experimentation

  1. Deliberation on matters relating to conformity of animal experimentation plans with various principles and these regulations
  2. Matters pertaining to the status and results of animal experimentation plans
  3. Matters pertaining to facilities as well as the breeding and care of laboratory animals
  4. Matters pertaining to contents and systems of education and training related to proper handling of animal experimentation and laboratory animals as well as related laws, ordinances, etc.
  5. Matters pertaining to self-inspections and self-evaluations
  6. Other matters necessary for the proper conducting of animal experimentation

ICU Regulations on Animal Experimentation, Annual Report, Self-Inspections/Self-Evaluations