Financial Aid

Financial Aid

ICU Graduate School provides various scholarships to enhance student life and research.

Scholarships that can be acquired before students enter the Graduate School

ICU Torch Relay Graduate School Scholarship for New Students

Those who wish to apply for this scholarship must submit applications when they apply for the Graduate School (see Appendix of Admissions Handbook for details). Applicants are selected based on merit and financial need and ICU will notifies them the results when ICU offers them admission to the Graduate School.

The Japanese Government (Monbukagakusho: MEXT) Scholarship

Recipients of this scholarship are required to complete their study within two years in Master's Course / three years in Doctoral Course.
ICU accepts mainly the following types of the MEXT scholarships:

  1. Embassy recommendation: which you apply for through an embassy or consulate general of Japan overseas (application period: spring)
  2. University recommendation: which you apply for through a partner university of ICU (application period: winter)

If you wish to know more details about application,
for 1), please contact embassy/consulate general of Japan;
for 2), please contact international office of the university you graduated from.
If you have general questions, please ask the Graduate School admissions staff at

The Japanese Government (Monbukagakusho: MEXT) Scholarship by Top Global University Project

As part of Top Global University Project by the Japanese Government (Mobukagakusho: MEXT), ICU Graduate School has been accepting international students who receive this scholarship. This is a full scholarship covering full tuition and facilities fees and monthly stipend JPY147,000 for master's course students and JPY148,000 for doctoral course students within one academic year (from April / October through the following March). Please note the details of the scholarship could change without prior notice.

Application Period:

How to Apply:

Recipients will be selected through the screening by ICU and MEXT respectively. Application details will be notified to eligible entrants prior to the application period.

*See Students Affairs Group website for details.

JICUF Scholarship

Scholarships are offered by the Japan International Christian University Foundation (JICUF). JICUF is a New York-based public charity established to support the university and its students. Please see the JICUF website for further details.

Rotary Peace Fellowship

Interested applicants must apply for this fellowship through their local Rotary District (or local Rotary Club) not directly ICU. Learn more at ICU Rotary Peace Center Website.

Scholarships that can be acquired after students enter the Graduate School

ICU Torch Relay Continuing Student Scholarship

Students can apply for this scholarship only one time during their two years of the program. Applications are accepted in Winter term.

Non-Japanese Student Scholarship

The amount of the scholarship will be determined by academic performance and financial need. Applications are accepted annually for one academic year.

ICU Long-term Loan

The University stands as guarantor for students borrowing up to the amount of the annual tuition from a designated Japanese bank. Repayment starts after graduation, to be paid off within twenty years of the first loan contract. The university pays for the interest during the student's enrollment at ICU. Applications are accepted on a termly basis.

Loan Offered by the Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO)

There are two types, "Type I," which are interest-free loans, and "Type II," which are loans with interest. In principle, recipients receive a set amount every month, deposited into an account designated by the recipient, until the end of the normative time for graduation. The repayment deadline is within 20 years after graduation (The exact deadline depends on the amount borrowed).

Research Grant / Scholarships

ICU provides financial support for Graduate student's research and presentations.

The Graduate School Students Research Presentation Grant

Graduate students presenting their research to an academic society are eligible for a grant of ¥30,000 per occasion. Grants may be awarded up to twice to Master' course students and up to three times to Doctoral course students during their respective normative times. To students registered beyond their respective normative times, grants may be awarded once per academic year.

ICU Research Scholarship for Doctoral Students

This is a scholarship to support Doctoral course student's research. Students may apply annually up to three times during his/her residence.

There are more scholarships. For details, see Student Affairs Group's website.

Example of scholarship acquired (For a student who applied for April Admission Spring Selection and enrolled in Master's Course)

Before admission Application period end of August Application for merit-based scholarship for graduate school students
Notice of admission end of October Eligibility for scholarship notified with the notice of admission
Entrance procedures,
payment of fees
end of March Payment of entrance fee
(tuition and facility fee for first term exempted)
First year in master's course Admission April
Payment of autumn term tuition and facility fee Auguest Payment of autumn term tuition and facility fee
Payment of winter term
tuition and facility fee
November Payment of winter term tuition and facility fee
January Application for Continuing Student Scholarship
End of February Notice of eligibility for Continuing Student Scholarship
(tuition and facility fee for spring term in the second year exempted)
Second year in master's course Payment of autumn term
tuition and facility fee
August Payment of autumn term tuition and facility fee
Payment of winter term
tuition and facility fee
November Payment of winter term tuition and facility fee
Graduation end of march

For inquiries about scholarships and eligibility: ICU Student Affairs Group
Tel: 0422-33-3068 / Email: