Certification Programs

Certification Programs

Teacher Certification Program

The College of Liberal Arts is authorized by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Science, Sports and Technology to prepare students for the junior high school first type teaching certificate for religion, social studies, natural sciences, mathematics, English and Japanese and the senior high school first type teaching certificate for religion, geography and history, civics, natural sciences, mathematics, infomation science, English and Japanese. The requirements for teacher certification are set by the Ministry and outlined in the Teacher Certification Law. Students who complete the required courses may make collective application through ICU to the Tokyo Metropolitan Board of Education before their prospective graduation at the end of the Winter term, or after graduation, apply to a prefectural board of education for certification.

Curatorial Training Program

ICU has established the Curatorial Training Program, based on the Museum Law, and offers courses related to museums and trains students to acquire a wide range of curatorial and academic knowledge, as well as practical skills. Students who have successfully completed all the required courses will be awarded, at the time of graduation, a certificate indicating the fulfillment of the credits necessary for the completion of this program.


Japanese Language Teacher Training Program

The purpose of this program is to cultivate human resources who will teach Japanese to non-native speakers, and ICU College of Liberal Arts issues a certificate of completion. The program's vision is:

1) to academically clarify the high degree of professionalism and uniqueness of Japanese language education,

2) to cultivate educators with a high degree of professionalism in the area of Japanese language education, and

3) to cultivate educators with a rich sense of internationalism and humanity, who are citizens before they are educators (since multilingualism and multiculturalism are unavoidable in the reality of Japanese language education).

By completing the required 8 courses (24 units) that constitute the core of the program, as participants will acquire the specialized knowledge and skills necessary Japanese language educators. In addition, by completing 21 units from among courses of various majors that constitute the background of Japanese language education, for a total of 45 units, program participants will receive a certificate of completion