ELA Courses


ELA consist of the two core courses, ARW (Academic Reading & Writing) and RCA (Reading & Content Analysis). These two core courses interact by working on the same topic such as "Intercultural Communication" and "Bioethics". AS (Academic Skills) is a set of courses that support the core courses. All students take RW (Research Writing) at the end of the program, which prepares students for the study in their majors.

The period required for completing the core courses varies by stream. Stream 1 completes ARW in one term, while Stream 4 takes three terms to complete ARW/RCA and they then take an additional course, FRW (Foundations of Research Writing) in the first term of their second year to prepare them for RW.

ARW Students of Streams 1, 2, 3, and 4 take this course. Courses are taught mainly by native English-speaking instructors and include individual tutorials as an important part of the course. ARW courses use academic topics students are interested in to increase their reading comprehension, critical thinking and writing skills.
RCA Students of Streams 3 and 4 take this course. Courses are taught mainly by Japanese instructors and include tutorials. Students read academic papers and learn to improve their reading skills and strategies with the overall aim of acquiring higher analytical skills.
AS Students of Streams 2, 3, and 4 take this course. AS courses teach students various skills necessary for study at the university level, including notetaking, building vocabulary, participating in discussions, and giving presentations.
FRW Students of Stream 4 take this course after completing the first year curriculum. FRW covers the basics of academic thesis writing and serves as a bridging course between the first year writing curriculum and RW.
RW All students complete their study in the ELA by taking the Research Writing course. The course is topic-based and requires the students to complete a fully-documented research paper of at least 2,000 words. During the process of writing the paper, the students are required to produce multiple drafts and attend numerous tutorials.

Advanced English Studies

Additional classes are offered for students who have completed their ELA courses but who still want more English language study. These courses can be taken for elective credits. These include courses in TOEFL/ IELTS preparation and improvement of presentation skills.

Experience the ELA classes!

You can experience the actual ELA classes through ICU OpenCourseWare.