Graduation Requirements

Graduation Requirements

To obtain a Bachelor of Arts degree, an ICU student must select courses in an independent and systematic manner and complete at least 136 credits by the time of graduation.

Students matriculated from AY 2017


Note: Credit requirements in Languages and Specialized Courses vary according to the student's language proficiency.

The Educational Experience: From Enrollment to Graduation

Once enrolled at ICU, a student begins taking courses in Languages (English/Japanese), General Education, Physical Education, and other College-Wide Courses. Students also take foundational courses from a selection of over 30 majors (areas of specialization) in the humanities and sciences, developing core academic skills as they identify their individual interests and capabilities. This approach comes from ICU's belief in "later specialization," which gives students more time to study a variety of subjects before deciding on a major. ICU encourages its students to nurture a broad view of the world, cultivate flexible thinking by experiencing different worlds of knowledge, and form a comprehensive, versatile academic foundation before beginning the process of selecting a major.

At the end of their second year, students choose their majors and set off on more individualized, major-specific tracks. The final leg of the academic journey comes in the fourth year, when students bring together all the things they have learned for a year-long graduation thesis project. Although some universities have started to eliminate their graduation thesis (research) project requirements, ICU believes that graduation work is a crucial opportunity for students to test the knowledge and abilities that they have cultivated over their four years at the university level.