The thirty-one majors include traditional disciplines such as literature, physics and psychology, as well as problem-oriented ones such as peace studies and regional studies on the U.S. and other countries. All majors include courses on a par with those offered at the departments of other Japanese universities.


Art and Cultural Heritage
Exploring the past through art and cultural assets to decode the symbolism in them

Comparison and analysis of the meaning of music by focusing on its history and theories

Understanding the world and humanity through literature, intellectually and at multiple cognitive levels

Philosophy and Religion
Exploring existence, cognition, ethics, society, faith and God through the classics from all ages and cultures

Economics and Business

A discipline for in-depth understanding of modern society and its problems to form a foundation to solve them

A multi-lateral understanding of corporate behavior and the study of negotiation skills and decision theory


An observation of various regions and cultures in the world along the axis of time

Politics and International Relations

The study of law in practice to elucidate social phenomena related to law

Public Policy
Proposing constructive and practical policy through a problem-solving approach

Acquiring the art to employ political science in the real world as political transition can change the world

International Relations
Explore new thinking in international relations in the bilingual community at ICU through in-depth discussion

Society, Culture and Media

Media, Communication and Culture
Learning to critically grasp the development process of meaning around us

Understanding the universality and diversity of the human existence

Theoretical and empirical verification of the relation between individuals and social structure

Natural Sciences

Clarifying the diversity of life and its systems

Explore change in substances in nature and through human activity

An analysis of the physical world for technological application

Nurturing logical, analytical and flexible thinking through modern mathematics

Information Science
A study of information processing through computation theory, programming and developing software

Education and Language Education

Exploring the ideal and future of education by observing problems in education from various perspectives

Language Education
Acquiring the necessary theoretical knowledge and practical skills for language education

Psychology and Linguistics

Exploring the existence of humanity from the scientific analysis of language

Exploring the human mind through scientific methodology

Multidisciplinary Majors Organized by Multiple Departments

American Studies
Cultivating impartial Americanologists through interdisciplinary exploration of American society and culture

Asian Studies
Nurturing leaders for coexistence in Asia by studying the diversity of the region

Development Studies
Changing the world by empowerment

Environmental Studies
Nurturing global citizens with an interdisciplinary and global perspective for the environment

Gender and Sexuality Studies
Expanding intellectual horizons from the perspective of gender and sexuality

Global Studies
Acquiring the courage and judgment skills to solve global problems in the 21st century

Japan Studies
Providing practical opportunities to explore the multifaceted aspects of Japan

Peace Studies
ICU's founding mission is to contribute to peacebuilding