Public Policy

Public Policy

Mission Statement

The Public Policy major do not adhere to any traditional academic classifications, instead existing and growing apace with law, politics, economics, social studies and education.

  1. By using a knowledge of theories and systems and the practice of public policy, policy studies and public administration, we aim to educate students who can identify public issues on regional, national, and international levels using empirical questioning and critical thinking.
  2. We aim to educate responsible global citizens who have competent skills in addressing issues, can comprehend the processes of public policy planning, ruling, implementation and evaluation, as well as those who can acquire a broad outlook, capabilities and ethics needed in such processes.

Learning Goals

  1. Students will deepen their understanding of the basic concepts and theories of public administration, policy planning and public administration, as well as approaches from related research areas.
  2. Students will develop their ability to identify public issues on the regional, national, and international levels, and cultivate practical and active thinking skills to solve actual problems.
  3. Students will acquire broad views and an understanding needed for realizing a peaceful and democratic society when dealing with public issues within autonomous communities, nations, national institutions and non-profit organizations (NPOs).
  4. For those graduates who wish to continue their education at a higher, graduate level, the Public Policy major provides a solid foundation in academic skills and knowledge necessary for further education.