Mission Statement

The major in Chemistry will provide you with a comprehensive education in the fundamentals of matter and its changes, within a liberal arts tradition through lecture and practical laboratory courses, seminars and research projects and seminar programs. Through the strengths of its faculty members in education, research, and service, the Program gives students the knowledge, practical experience and critical thinking skills to develop attitudes and values that will allow them to fulfill their potential, whether going on to higher degrees in chemistry and a career in Science or as a scientifically literate member of society.

Learning Goals

Students will:

  1. Learn the basic concepts and gain a working knowledge of chemistry.
  2. Acquire critical thinking skills to analyze data and make creative hypotheses.
  3. Acquire skills to test, evaluate, and improve hypotheses, and gain problem-solving skills that integrate theory and practice.
  4. Learn to present chemical concepts and scientific data appropriatelyto other people in a meaningful way.
  5. Develop the skills and methodology to think globally about chemistry and its functions and influence on personal, social, environmental and ethical issues in our world.