Japan Studies

Japan Studies

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Major Introduction

Professors talk about what you can learn through this major.

Mission Statement

The Major in Japan Studies explores the people, languages and cultures of Japan; it encompasses the study of Japanese politics, economics, international relations, religion and other interdisciplinary areas. The major employs a critical perspective to interrelate and integrate knowledge about Japan as well as to introduce contested representations of 'Japan.' The goal is to enable students to apply their understanding of Japan in their academic and professional careers.

Learning Goals

  1. Students will gain a comprehensive understanding of the historical development and contemporary state of Japanese culture and society.
  2. Students will develop an understanding of culture and cultural process as well as an interdisciplinary awareness, becoming aware of connections between various fields of study in the social sciences and the humanities.
  3. Students will learn to critically analyze and interpret a broad spectrum of phenomena relating to Japan, ranging from popular to folk to elite expressions, from mass media to material culture.
  4. Students will learn research, writing, and expressive skills that will allow them to see connections between complex materials and enable them to clearly communicate their understandings of the underlying meanings and causes of cultural/historical events relating to Japan.