Development Studies

Development Studies

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Major Introduction

Professors talk about what you can learn through this major.

Mission Statement

Development Studies aims to produce graduates who as the next generation, can consider poverty issues from the viewpoint of human dignity, maintain a clear vision of just and sustainable development, and who can apply interdisciplinary skills of theoretical development studies to real world problems.

Learning Goals

  1. Students will learn about Japanese postwar reconstruction and development experiences, as well as its history of development assistance, and acquire a basic understanding of the theoretical studies and policy research concerning economic development, human/social development, and development and the environment in a globalizing world.
  2. Students will examine developmental issues using an interdisciplinary approach, covering fields such as history, political science, social science, anthropology, education, international relations, technology and environmental studies, and will also develop practical skills and techniques.
  3. Students will cultivate skills to integrate their practical experiences in the field and at development related institutions with their theoretical studies.

Specific Courses