Global Studies

Global Studies

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Major Introduction

Professors talk about what you can learn through this major.

Mission Statement

Global Studies aims to educate responsible, global citizens who can identify significant world issues, examine the structure and related phenomena of global governance using an interdisciplinary approach, and exercise leadership and create partnerships to promote conflict resolution in the global community of the 21st century.

Learning Goals

  1. Students will learn the structure and various characteristics and issues of stakeholders on sub-national, national, international, and supranational levels in order to seek solutions to world-wide issues.
  2. Students will develop critical and comprehensive judgment skills, create effective partnerships, and build on their personal skill sets in order to be able to engage in conflict resolution in the global market and community. It is hoped that students will gain insight by approaching problems and issues such as religion, politics, economics, culture, language, ethnicity and the environment from an academic viewpoint.
  3. Students will develop a scientific understanding of the global environment, and build integrated skills that can be used in the protection and conservation of nature.

Specific Courses