100 Job-hunt/Graduate Study Consultation Meeting

Update´╝ÜDecember 11, 2014

As an additional program to the five-day Career Design Week held until the 3rd, the 100 Job-hunt/Graduate Study Consultation Meeting was held on December 4, 2014.

Career Advisors, students who have already acquired informal contracts, organize this event, to answer questions from those behind them. It is a popular event for students who feel more at ease asking questions to those who are almost the same age. This year, more than 120 advisors and 200 students participated, including freshmen.

The event was held for more than 3 hours in the first floor of the main building, with advisors in 20 groups for different industries. The atmosphere was relaxed. To the question, "Why did you choose that industry?" one of the answers was, "the type of job and the company's objectives, but the decisive feature was the corporate atmosphere at the interview. What you feel first hand is really important." Supporters gave advice about the job interview: "Interviewees are humans, too. Try not to get nervous and provide simple and clear answers."

Students who participated said they found the meeting very informative. "Each had different reasons for choosing a job even if they work in the same industry." "I was able to broaden my perspective by listening to students who chose to work for a field I wasn't interested in."