Job Hunt Guidance and advising session for students graduating in June

Update´╝ÜSeptember 29, 2015

Job seekers' support event, "Job Hunt Guidance and Advising Session for students graduating in June" was held on September 15 (Tue).

First, the ICU Placement Office gave a report on the placement data of June graduates of 2014, and explained about the Job Hunting schedule, frequently asked questions, and worries regarding the Job Hunt. Then three September students (including exchange students who graduated ICU in June 2015) and an April student who delayed her/his graduation to June from March reported on their Job Hunt.

Messages from the graduates who had experienced Job Hunting were:

"Graduating in June is not disadvantage in Job Hunting" Just like looking for the company that you think you can play an active role in, or a company that can connect your experience to what you want to do, "Know yourself, and find a company that fits you from your own perspective, without being swept along by your surroundings." "The results of Job Hunting are not from the accumulation of successes, but are from the accumulation of mistakes. Please find something unique to yourself and work on job hunting."

Among the many questions asked during the time for questions and answers, there were ones about the preparation for written examinations, which many September students worry about, and also about Career Forums that take place abroad. Even after the event was over, participants surrounded the graduates and asked questions in a serious manner.