First day at ICU Career Design Week

Update:November 30, 2015

On November 26 (Thu), "ICU Career Design Week" was held during ICU's autumn break.

This event was held with the help of "Job Study"* which is managed by the recruitment staff for different types of occupations, who heard the voices of both ICU students, and the corporations and wanted to solve them. ICU students say "We want to be able to visualize who, where, and how people work, before actually looking for a job", while the corporations claim that "Students tend to forget the purpose of working because they are so busy with finding a job".

On the first day of the event (Nov 26), a keynote speech and a institutional research workshop was held, which was a great opportunity for the 70 students who attended, to learn in specifics about what it is like to work in society and about specific industries.

*Job Study: A seminar where recruitment staffs from different industries get together to think about what seminar will be helpful for students and, plan seminars by different industries according to what they talked about. These seminars are not just joint information sessions, but great opportunities to think about "working" through panel discussions, and has the policy, "adults and students talk heart to heart". Currently, there are 25 companies in this program. (Job Study HP)