Report on Exchange with Ohio's College of Wooster


As part of its project to cultivate talented internationally capable graduates, which was selected for support from MEXT, ICU is promoting study abroad for students majoring in the sciences and implementing joint senior research projects. Three students, three members of the educational staff, and a project coordinator went to the American liberal arts college the College Wooster in Ohio and gave a report at ICU on their activities on 29 January 2014.

Leading up to this visit, three members of the College of Wooster's science departments visited ICU in January of 2013, where the schools exchanged ideas about the possibility of exchange programs. This time, at the College Wooster the seven-member group from ICU attended lectures, toured lab facilities, experienced campus life, and talked with students there, which allowed ICU to gather information to help it work toward implementing future exchange.

In their report, the group explained how Wooster's curriculum and support systems help improve writing skills as well as concrete possibilities for exchange in other fields.

ICU plans to introduce other new programs that mesh with the facilities offered by the College of Wooster.