Lecture by Ambassador of Finland to Japan


On Thursday, 14 February 2013, Ambassador of Finland to Japan Jari Gustafsson spoke at ICU in connection with Professor Takako Ueta’s course on “International History.” The lecture took place at the Dialogue House’s International Conference Room.

After first showing a short film introducing Finland, the ambassador began his congenial talk focusing largely on geopolitical conditions, in particular the handling of relations with its largest neighbor during World War Two and the cold war, the Soviet Union, and the importance of engaging models and systems. Today, the majority of tourists to Finland come from Russia. The ambassador explained that since the cold war Finland has become a true member of the European community, joining the EU in 1995, and receiving broad safeguards for security, access to Europe’s vast marketplace, and benefits for freedom of movement for the Finnish people.

Nearly one hundred students attended the lecture. Some time was reserved at the end for questions and it was possible to have deeper interaction between exchange students from Finland’s University of Tampere, with whom ICU has a cooperative agreement, and students to Tampere from ICU.