ICU 2013 Spring Commencement Ceremony


Five hundred and one students graduated from ICU at its spring commencement ceremony held at the University Chapel on Wednesday, 27 March: four hundred and sixty-four undergraduate students and thirty-seven graduate students.

Calling students individually to step up and receive their diplomas were Associate Deans of the College of Liberal Arts, Professors Hiroshi Suzuki and Jeremiah Alberg; Director of the Admissions Center, Mr. Shoichiro Iwakiri; Professors Tatsuhiko Ito; and Dean of the Graduate School, Professor Teruyoshi Sasaki. Students received their diplomas from Dean of the College of Liberal Arts, Professor Takashi Nishio and Professor Masaki Ina. President Junko Hibiya was also on the dais to congratulate each graduate with a warm handshake.

President Hibiya had the following words for the graduates: "You have met people from diverse backgrounds on ICU campus and abroad; these encounters have led to enhanced self-awareness and the possibility of redefining relationships between you and others. Your life after graduation will consist of a series of such encounters. I hope that ICU has set the foundation of your life beyond university. "

Mr. Kakutaro Kitashiro, the Chair of the Board of Trustees, also spoke to the assembly, adding, "As the English word "commencement" implies, university graduation is a time of embarking on a new life." "Even if, for example, you find yourself doing work you did not expect, by moving forward and blooming in the place you are, a new path will open up to you." "I hope each of you will bring your gifts to life and move forward as you proceed through life."

The ceremony included recognition of the recipient of the Friends of ICU Award, conferred this year upon ICU's Institute for Advanced Studies of Clinical Psychology for their work on the Mutual-and-Child-Aid Task Force, East Japan Center for Free Clinical-Educational Service. The Friends of ICU Award is conferred on ICU students, faculty, staff or others in the university community who have performed remarkable service. It was announced at the ceremony that the award was given in recognition of the institute's "work to establish the East Japan Center for Free Clinical-Educational Service work done cooperatively together with other universities and offer clinical services immediately after the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami and for continuing to offer specialized support today," and "in the belief that these activities serve to realize the central philosophy of International Christian University."

ICU held a reception at the University Dining Hall following the ceremony. Despite the day's unfortunate weather, the scene was of faculty, graduates and their families in happy reflection on the memories of their past four years.