President Hibiya Addresses APRU's Senior Staff Meeting


ICU President Junko Hibiya was a guest speaker at a panel discussion of the Association of Pacific Rim Universities' (APRU)* annual senior staff meeting. The meeting was held on 6 March at Waseda University.

Presenting the keynote address on the meeting's theme of universities and global human resources was Osamu Aruga, head of international planning at MEXT's Higher Education Policy Planning Division (part of the Higher Education Bureau). As part of the subsequent panel discussion, President Hibiya spoke about how the principles ICU has advocated from its founding connect directly to the globalization taking place today. She also discussed ICU's bilingual education and its Project for Promotion of Global Human Resource Development.

Following the speakers' addresses, there were many questions from the floor touching on such topics as how to structure study abroad programs, what kind of systems are needed to evaluate new study abroad programs, the difficulties of using English as an institutional language at universities in non-native English speaking countries, possible doubts about concentrating too much on English, and the significance of native languages.

The lively discussion continued at great length and evidenced great interest in the cultivation of "global human resources" and the manner of structuring universities.

*Association of Pacific Rim Universities (APRU)
APRU senior staff meetings are held as a follow up to its annual university presidents meetings. Members of universities' senior staff (such as vice presidents in charge of international exchange) work in groups to exchange ideas about various topics raised by APRU.